Cup Swap

I know some of you have been waiting for this but take a few minutes and read all the information!!

Let's go over a few ground rules because we want everyone to enjoy this!
This should be a fun experience and maybe a great excuse for you to get creative! Here's the nitty gritty....
1 This swap is a CUP swap only at this time.
2.  NO SUBLIMATION OR PLASTIC CUPS!!! THIS SWAP WILL ONLY BE FOR A CUP.....NO EXTRAS ARE TO BE SENT IN THIS SWAP. (because people complain when they don't get what they think they should) If you want to do more than just a cup you can keep an eye out for a Boujie swap!
3.  You have until Sunday, February 26, 2023 to sign up for this swap.
4.  You will receive your swap person by March 1, 2023. You will get the email   from Please check your spam if you do not receive an email by March 1. If you still have not received your email then EMAIL me back at Do not message me…EMAIL me.
5.  At the halfway mark, March 16, 2023, we ask that you contact Gerri Whitehead in the Glitter Nuts Group. We don't care at what stage you are at this point, we just want to make sure everyone is at least started so that everyone is getting a swap.
6.  The finished product will need to be mailed out by April 2, 2023. This gives you 4 weeks to complete your cup. That is MORE than enough time to make a cup!! Once your cup is shipped, click here, to submit your tracking information. If you do not ship out a cup and it shows it has not been scanned-you will not participate in any other swap. So drop it off in person and have them scan or make sure your pick up person scans it upon receiving it.

Please make sure that if you commit to the cup swap that you follow through.

We know that life happens and if something comes up please contact Gerri Whitehead in the group so we can make sure your person still receives a beautiful surprise! If you have not received a cup by May 1, 2023 then contact Gerri. Gerri will check on the situation and/or put you in touch with your swap person. If you do not contact us by this date then we cannot help you. Do not come to us in 6 months or during the next swap and complain. We do not keep records of these swaps indefinitely. On the other hand if you do not contact us and you do not send your item, you will no longer be able to participate in any future swaps we may have. This is non-negotiable. You can also be removed from the group. It is too easy to get in touch with someone so there is no excuse to be a no-show with your items. Keep in mind that this swap is open to everyone from all ranges of experience in craft making. Everyone will be doing their very best to make a beautiful pretty! So just be aware that someone may be a newbie and make you nice.


Updates are given regularly in the Glitter Nuts Group on Facebook so make sure you join and keep up to date with all the announcements!

All you have to do is just follow the rules of the's that simple!

Keep in mind that we are here every step of the way so please, if you have questions, concerns, need help, need ANYTHING....please don't hesitate to contact myself or Gerri Whitehead in the group!!

Let's have fun and make this a huge success!!

                                                                  ~Tracy Ann