Get ready for some Bingo fun! 🎉

Here's the lowdown:

  1. Once you snag your Bingo cards, a confirmation email will hit your inbox. Look out for it!

  2. On Bingo day, keep an eye on your email (from It's like a magical portal to your Bingo adventure. Click the link inside for your game cards. If you don't see an email, check that sneaky spam box. I'll be dropping updates throughout the day to keep you in the loop. (in the Glitter Nuts Group)

  3. If your email is MIA, give me a shout at (at least 30 minutes before game time). I'll be on the case! Only email communication, please! 📧  30 minutes before the game begins, I'll be kicking off the live session in the group. Catch me live, and I'll be your helpful sidekick!  Let's make this smooth sailing!

🚨 Important: Don't procrastinate! Once the game kicks off, I can't fix any hiccups.

Now, let's talk Bingo strategy:

  • Click that link in your email to score your Bingo cards. Digital or print, your call. These cards are your partners in crime for the whole session.

  • Games start on the dot at the time you signed up (Central Time, always). I'll spill the rules at the beginning of the live show.

  • Here's the deal: You gotta be present to win. First BINGO caller in the live show snags the glory. Cards? Always double-checked.

To claim your winnings, Click Here. You've got 14 days to claim your prize.

🎈 Get pumped! See you at the Bingo bash! 🎈






Quick reminder: No refunds on the cards.