Blind Cup Swap

Alright, lovely people, I sense the anticipation in the air! But hold up – before you dive into excitement overload, grant me a few minutes of your precious time to soak in all the deets. Trust me, it's like unwrapping a present – the more you know, the better the surprise! 🎁💫
Get ready for a Spring Swap Extravaganza! 🌸 We're diving into the world of blind cup swaps, and the theme? You guessed it – SPRING! Grab a 20-ounce cup, but hold up – no sublimation allowed, and plastic is a no-go. We're all about that glitter life! ✨

Lock in your spot by February 21 and start jazzing up your cup. The deadline to showcase your masterpiece is March 14. Snap some pics and send them in – we're eagerly awaiting your glittery goodness.

Once approved, you'll be handed a secret swap buddy's name and address. But here's the deal: no cup submission, no cup received, and no future swaps for you. Don't be that person!

You've got a cool 3-4 weeks to work your cup magic – trust us, it's more time than you think. Once you get your swap pal, spill the shipping beans. We're serious about this – your info will be checked, and you won't join the cup club until that package is en route.

Sure, the rule might seem a bit odd, but you know how it goes – stupid rules exist because, well, someone did the thing! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ Let's make this Spring Swap a glittery success, peeps! 🎉
Life's a rollercoaster, we get it. If a curveball heads your way, shoot a message to the amazing Gerri Whitehead in the group – she's got your back. Now, here's the deal: no contact, no send, no more future swaps for you. Non-negotiable. You could even find yourself on the express train out of the group. Seriously, reaching out is as easy as catching confetti – no excuses for radio silence!
This swap is a crafting playground for all experience levels. Expect a mix of skills – from seasoned artisans to newbies trying their hand at crafting magic. Remember, that masterpiece might be a newbie's first shot, so play nice!
And most importantly, let loose and HAVE FUN! 🎉
Stay in the glittery loop by joining the Glitter Nuts Group on Facebook for all the juicy updates.
Just stick to the swap rules – it's a breeze! We're your partners in crafting crime, so if you're puzzled, concerned, or just need a virtual high-five, reach out to me or the fabulous Gerri Whitehead in the group.
Let's turn this swap into a legendary success! 🌟
~ Tracy Ann ~
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