Bougie Swap

Winter Wonderland Bougie Swap

 The Bougie Swap is pretty much just what it implies. 

It is for those who enjoy giving extra to others.  

The value of this swap is set at $75.   So this means your hand crafted items must be valued at $45.  This is basically one 30oz cup.  Please use your common sense. Keep in mind you will have to submit a picture of your item. Don't send something that you know does not meet the standards.  You can send whatever you want above that just make sure the rest of the value of $30. That is the fun of the Bougie Swap!  If you send someone glitter....send them Glitter Nuts Glitter.....I mean....It is Glitter Nuts doing this swap. 

Keep in mind that if you are on a naughty list from ANY of the past swaps then you WILL NOT be able to be a part of this swap.   Also, in order to be in this swap you will have to have already participated in a swap with us previously.   If you haven't already then sign up to be a part of the regular Cup Swap first. Click Here for the regular Cup Swap.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty of the swap rules:

  1. While cups are most common you can do any craft for this swap as long as it is a handmade item done by you.....Again, use your common sense for the value.  If you send your swap goodies and you don't meet this value then you simply won't be able to be in the bougie swap again.  
  2. Please make sure that if you commit to the Bougie Swap that you follow through.  We know that life happens and if something comes up please contact Gerri Whitehead in the group so we can make sure your person still receives a beautiful surprise!
  3. If you do not contact us and you do not send your item, you will no longer be able to participate in any future swaps we may have and can also be booted from the group. This is non-negotiable.  It is too easy to get in touch with someone so there is no excuse to be a no-show with your items.  It is not fair to your swap person or the group to not be accountable for what you signed up to do.  We don't need that negativity in the group!

  4. Keep in mind that this swap is open to everyone from all ranges of experience in craft making.  Everyone will be doing their very best to make a beautiful pretty!  So just be aware that someone may be a newbie and make you nice. 
  5. NO SUBLIMATION allowed for your main craft item!

You have from Sunday, October 16 to sign up for this swap.

We will assign your person (this will be randomly assigned) between Monday, October 17 and Wednesday October 19.  Your person's information will be emailed to you.  This will come from, if you don't receive one by end of day on October 19, check your spam. If you still haven't received anything by Thursday morning then EMAIL me at We will not answer emails until Thursday since all emails won't be sent out until end of Wednesday. 

At the halfway mark, November 2, we ask that you contact through email or message Gerri Whitehead.  We don't care at what stage you are at this point, we just want to make sure everyone is at least started so that everyone is getting a swap.

The finished product will need to be mailed out by Wednesday, November 16.  This gives you 4 weeks to complete your craft of choice.

There will be a link provided for you to send the tracking number when you ship your final package.  YOU MUST SUBMIT THE TRACKING NUMBER BY NOVEMBER 16.  You also have to submit a picture of your main craft item.


Updates are given regularly in the Glitter Nuts Group on Facebook so make sure you join and keep up to date with all the announcements!


All you have to do is just follow the rules of the's that simple!
Keep in mind that we are here every step of the way so please, if you have questions, concerns, need help, need ANYTHING....please don't hesitate to contact myself or Gerri Whitehead in the group!!
Let's have fun and make this a huge success!!
~Tracy Ann